Storage Questions

Can I store my paintings, antiques?

AAA storage is an ideal storage solution for these precious items. AAA Storage is internal and protected. The units constructed of wood gives added protection. There is no condensation or sweating, ideal for beautiful furniture and other precious items. Some of our longest storing customers have been interior designers who store with us before setting up their client’s homes.

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Can I store sensitive electronic equipment?

Our storage is most suited for these precious items. As all our storage is inside and protected and all the storage units are wood, there is no condensation or sweating, which is ideal.

Pack electronics with Bubblewrap in sturdy cartons. Ensure boxes are well sealed with all gaps packed out; this will give excellent protection for your electrical items.

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How is it best to store my computer?

Computers are susceptible to moisture and shock; pack them as you would your other electrical equipment. If storing for a long time, remove the backup batteries. Ensure they have proper protection from shock

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Can I access my storage?

You can access your storage anytime during our opening hours. We require 24hours notice, and your storage will be ready for you. You can drive your car or truck right next to your storage, do what you need to do then drive away. We will put it away again until the next time.

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Does it cost to access my storage?

When you move into your storage, we do not charge access for the first 30 days or the last seven days before moving out, giving you time to settle in or get ready to move out. Outside of these times, there is a $5 access fee added to monthly accounts.

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What am I not allowed to store?

Hazardous materials, such as paint, petrol, acids, chlorine and explosive materials, bbq gas bottles, illegal and stolen goods, perishable goods, products that attract vermin, livestock such as pets and other items that may be harmful to persons or property.

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What do I need to do before storage?

White goods appliances

White goods such as fridges and freezers should always be emptied and cleaned; trays drained doors should be left open, do not stack things inside them as they are easily damaged.


To ensure your furniture is not damaged, empty the contents of drawers, wardrobes and cupboards, remove legs from furniture such as beds and tables; they will take up less room and less damage will occur. Vacuum all your lounges etc., to ensure no breadcrumbs and other food scraps are left behind, and no vermin are attracted.

Glass, Paintings, Mirrors

Protect these by using bubble wrap and packing them in strong boxes; stand them upright and don’t stack anything on top.

Silver and other Metal Items

Wipe cast iron and other items with a little machine oil; this prevents rusting and prevents dust from adhering; wrap silver in Acid-free wrapping paper to prevent tarnishing.


Records should be stored on their edges, tightly packed together with no gaps to avoid warping.

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Should I leave my Batteries in Appliances?

Remove all batteries from all equipment, as batteries can leak and damage your equipment, store batteries separately in a leak and acid-proof container.

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Do I need to have a lock on my storage unit your facility is so safe?

As part of the self-storage agreement, you must lock your storage unit and keep the key or combination. We sell locks, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Is your storage airconditioned?

AAA Storage & Removals Wembley was previously a wine storage facility. Tilt, a panel concrete construction with lined insulation, is the best environment for your stored goods even though it is not airconditioned.

Cost of Storage Unit Perth

Storage size and price is estimated by the number of goods you have to store. AAA staff will help you determine the exact amount of storage required. All our storage units reduce in price the more you add. You can reduce storage units as needed and get refunded for the removed unit while keeping others still. True storage flexibility

Storage Suitcases

We do store suitcases. Our smallest and cheapest unit of storage is a single pallet.

Can I storage furniture safely in storage units

AAA Storage & Removals Wembley internal storage units provide the best environment for protecting your precious item. Our building was previously wine storage. It is insulated and gives the best protection.

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What happens if I move out before the full month that I have paid?

We refund any days of your storage you have not used – we think it is fair

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Do I need Storage Insurance?

Your goods are not covered if you do not have Insurance. Insurance is not compulsory, but if it is worth storing, it is usually worth insuring. You can ask your home and contents insurance to cover your goods while in storage, or we can provide coverage at very competitive rates.

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Can I pay my account via credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, all with no fee charged to you.

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My goods need to be stored before I arrive from overseas, can this be done?

Yes, we have many customers that are not able to be present when their goods arrive. We need the correct identification of completed contracts, and then we can receive your stored goods.

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Can I leave my storage unit available if I need a few days to work on my storage?

Yes, just let us know, and we will book your storage to be available for the days you need.

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Are my goods protected?

We have a monitored back to base 24/7 alarm system. Your goods are all stored internally, protecting them from the elements. See our security page for more detail.

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Do I need to put mothballs or baits in my storage?

No pest deterrents are required in your storage. We have a fully maintained pest programme. We have the benefit of AAA storage all being inside, which means we control the internal environment.

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Will my plasma TV and fragile items be ok when my storage unit is moved?

When your storage unit is moved, it is the equivalent of you lifting a standard box and putting gently on the ground. No fragile items are damaged by us moving the storage. All storage must be appropriately packed in any circumstance of storage to protect the item; we can help you with the correct packaging goods and advice.

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Size Questions

What if I have too much for one storage unit but not enough for the next?

We can tailor all our storage to suit your needs – We would recommend adding a single or double pallet for the extra items, which are very economical.

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Can I increase or decrease my storage?

One of the many benefits of AAA Storage & Removals Wembley is the flexibility of your storage. Many people reduce their storage – reduce the cost or increase storage as they require. All billing is on a pro-rata daily basis and will be adjusted on the day of the storage change.

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What size is the storage?

  • Storage Unit  2.4H x 2.32D x1.72W
  • Small Storage Unit 1.10H x 2.32D x 1.72W
  • Single Pallet  1.2H x 1.2D x 1.2W
  • Double Pallet 1.2H x 1.2D x 2.4W
    all measurements in metres

We can use a combination of these to match exactly to your goods – no paying for air.

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How many archive boxes can I fit into a
Document storage unit?

125 archives

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How many archives can I fit on a single pallet?

30 archive boxes on a single pallet and 60 archives boxes on a double pallet

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Documents Questions

I have some documents that need secure shredding but haven’t got time. Can you organise it?

We are affiliates of Shred-X. Shred-X is a quality assured accredited secure document destruction company. Just let us know how much you need to shred, and we will provide you with a quote. We will arrange for Shred-X to pick it up from AAA Storage and securely destroy it; AAA Storage & Removals Wembley provide a destruction certificate.

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Moving & Packaging Questions

Does AAA Storage & Removals Wembley removal trucks?

AAA Storage & Removals Wembley does not have trucks, but we can help with our list of recommended removalists and small move specialists, including prices and travel fees. We recommend these to our customers as we want you to have a great experience with your move and how your goods are handled is very important. Would you please click on Recommended Removalists to be taken to our page with prices and information?

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I am too stressed to organise my move and storage can you do it all for me?

Yes, we can coordinate for you packers, removalists and storage

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Can I have my packaging order and supplies delivered?

Yes, we can deliver for a small fee. You can order your packing online in advance and come to our front office to pick it up.

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I have business goods that will arrive on a pallet. Can you assist?

We can assist, we have an acceptance of goods contract to sign, and then we can use our forklift to lift off and into storage on your behalf.

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Do you recycle boxes?

Yes, we buy back our brand of boxes. We ask if you want to recycle them; you write on the tape and not on the box. We only recycle our boxes once to keep the integrity and strength of the box. We always put their availability on our Facebook page.

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How will I know if you have any recycle boxes in stock?

When you come into the office to purchase boxes, ask if we have any available. It is a first-in, first-serve basis. If we have a larger amount, we always put their availability on our Facebook page.

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Should I use butchers paper or newspaper to wrap my dinner sets and glassware?

You should always use butchers paper. It saves on washing up when you get to your new premises, we all know there is enough to do. Also, newspaper print can damage any patterning on your crockery and glassware.

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What is the best way to pack my plasma TV?

We recommend three layers. Firstly cover the whole TV with one of our plasma covers. These are cheap and come in small, medium and large. Then wrap the entire TV in bubble wrap. Then slide into the plasma box and secure with plenty of tapes. We have a fragile tape that can bring attention to any box.

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